About Us

Jana Dates is a Jordanian company specializing in date palms, and date production, in addition to packaging, and exporting high quality Majhool dates. The company was established in 2008, under the name Jana Dates, and now owns more than 1,000,000 thousand square meters of land in the Jordan Valley.


Our Vision

Jana Dates strives to be a pioneer in exporting high quality dates on an international level.


Our Mission

Jana Dates exports and markets products based on international standards; from rich, flavorful dates, that are excellent in quality, and high end packaging for its selection of dates.

Quality And Tasty

Our Farms

Jana Dates farm is located in Al Karamah of Al Ghor, the area is known for its rich soil, and a warmer climate than the surrounding land. Making our farms perfect for our high quality crop.

Our dates are characterized by their high moisture content, and low sugar. Majhool is one of the most famous dates, and is classified as the finest of dates in both color and flavor. Our dates are harvested by experts from qualified engineers and farmers. They are then sterilized and packaged with international standards. We are proud to produce this kind of dates from Jordan.

Our farms contain a number of palm trees across an area of 1,000,000. We are also expanding our farms by planting new palm trees, with more than 15000 trees, and we produce 750 tons of dates each year.

King of Dates

Majhool is one of the most splendid, and well-known dates in the world, its caramel flavor has made it a household favorite, and to top it off its a fruit packed with various health benefits.

Its origin comes from the Moroccan palm trees that the Royal Moroccan family ate from. A number of palm trees were imported from Morocco and planted in the Jordan Valley over hundreds of hectares of date farms. It is famous for its great size, and its unique and rich flavor.

Our dates are 100% organic, and do not contain preservatives.

Size and specifications

Super Jumbo






Packaging & Delivery

Before our dates are carefully packed, they are cleaned and sterilized. As we take extra care of the quality and specifications of the dates.

Our dates are sorted according to their color, size and moisture. Among the most important cultivars: are Majhool, Deglet Nur, Al-Barhi, Thoory, Dayri, Khalasah, Jibati, Ashrassi, Lulu, Abu Maan and Halali. We also produce fresh dates in the form of clusters, or by piece, and dried dates.

The dates are cleaned in a modern mechanical washing line to ensure a product that conforms to health standards of utmost to quality that suits the markets need. They are then packaged using the latest equipment for the processing of different types of dates. Our products are exported to international markets, including; Western Europe, Canada, Asia and the Middle East.

The Benefits Of Dates

Dates are succulent fruits, with health benefits that make them a favorite dessert. As it has great nutritional value, with its many useful nutrients, which vary according to the quality of dates.

Dates are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers with many benefits. Dates also contain natural sugars, which are rapidly absorbed, digested and transported to blood, and are an important source of energy for the human body.

Dates strengthen nerves and muscles, which strengthens the body in general. The calcium in dates also keeps bones and teeth healthy and strong. Dates also enhance the immune system, and they have protective properties for many different diseases.

Why us?

We have established a model farms based on the latest agricultural trends, which include:

The preparation of agricultural land from infrastructure processing and development, and installing a modern irrigation system, ensure the quality and health of our palm trees, in addition to the purification and treatment of water.
We established a universal quality packaging unit to export our product internally and externally.
Managed and trained our team of qualified agricultural supervisors and workers.

We also obtained international quality certificates:

Certificate of Good Agricultural Practices
Food Safety and Health Certificate
Integrated Management Management Certificate
Certificate of Environmentally Friendly Products in Jordan.

We ensure the best agricultural supplies; from fertilizers, treatments, agricultural land, and water quality, in addition to our efficient field management of engineers, technicians and workers to provide an optimum service on all fronts.

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Our products are exported to a number of international markets including Western Europe, Canada, Asia as well as the Middle East.

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We guarantee the quality and freshness of our product and packaging in accordance to our optimum standards.